Poetry Moment

Poetry Moment box

Poetry Moment is a public performance piece outside The New Deal Cafe in historic Roosevelt Center, which began in April 2013.

Submission Instructions

Residents of Maryland, Washington, D.C. and metropolitan Virginia are invited to submit up to three original poems by email. Published or unpublished poems are accepted since Poetry Moment is a public display and not a publisher. Each poem or section of a poem with title should be a maximum of 30 lines. Submission in languages other than English are welcome with the original language and English translation still to fit on an 8 1/2 by 11” page. The author’s name and contact information should be on a separate page. Submissions may also include graphics or art work related to the text. People under 18 are welcome to submit and are asked to add their age to contact information. Poets will be notified if their poem is chosen. Poems will be kept for a year from submission for possible inclusion and will not be returned.

Submission is open and rolling. You can download a flier about the submission process for printing. Please submit poems to .

We invite you to visit the Poetry Moment box outside of the cafe, where we display selections.

This event is sponsored by Friends of New Deal Cafe Arts. In 2013, we received by a grant from Prince George’s County, courtesy of County Council member Ingrid Turner. Carpentry and installation by Steven Bernheisel.

Past Selections

  • At Laguna Beach by Joshua Lavendar, selected in 2017
  • Selections from Stone Dust by Lenore Thomas Straus (1909-1998), selected in 2016 and 2017
  • Boy Howdy by Hiram Larew, selected in 2016
  • “On Not Yet Having Read ‘Waterland'” by Chris Farago, selected in 2016
  • A Report From the Woods by Barbara Young, selected in 2016
  • An Hourly Poem by Janet Walenta, selected in 2016
  • The Blueberry Seasons by Sarah Browning, selected in 2015
  • Children’s haiku, selected in 2015
  • Candles by Peggy Rooney, selected in 2014
  • A Project on Long Term Goals by Meg Eden Kuyatt, selected in 2014
  • Blown Away by Ty Gray-El, selected in 2014
  • What I Want of It (part 1) by Merrill Leffler, poet laureate of Takoma Park, selected in 2014
  • STILL LIFE MOVING FAST by Joseph Baldi Acosta, selected in 2013
  • Blind Child by Randi Anderson, selected in 2013
  • Digging by Seamus Heaney, selected in 2013
  • #8 by Chris Farago, selected in 2013
  • I Keep Forgetting by Rob Soley, selected in 2013