About the Cafe

The New Deal Cafe was named in honor of Works Project Administration, a part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Depression-era New Deal, which built the city of Greenbelt. The cafe is Greenbelt’s living room.

We have live music nearly every night of the week and feature monthly exhibits by local artists.

Our menu is from food entrepreneurs Michael and Leah Moon, who also run DC Vegan Catering.

The Moons believe in attracting people with great-tasting, accessible food that celebrates their Italian-American roots and nurtures the environment, animals, and our health.

Michael and Leah have high standards not just for the food they serve; they believe in fair pay, progressive hiring and business practices, and creating an ethical and inclusive environment — a great fit for Greenbelt, a city of cooperatives.

About the Moons

Avid cooks, they started their own food business in 2015 – the highly successful catering business DC Vegan Catering, which quickly found its market with no advertising at all. The recipes, all plant-based, were developed and tested in the Moons’ home kitchen and have proven to be popular with both vegan and meat-eating audiences, like the majority of their catering clients.

In the spring of 2018 Michael and Leah also opened their Pianta sandwich shop in the Tastemakers food court near Catholic University, where they serve Northern Italian-inspired, plant-based comfort food. Its familiar flavors and textures are proving to be quite popular with students and others in the Brookland neighborhood.

When Michael and Leah first visited the cafe, it reminded them of the progressive and laid-back cafés they loved in Rochester and Cleveland but couldn’t find in D.C.  The cafe role as Greenbelt’s “community living room” was especially attractive to them.

In their many visits here, they’ve also come to appreciate Old Greenbelt for its walkability and closeness to nature. Here they’ve experienced a “downshifting” from the intensity of the city.

About The Cooperative

The New Deal Cafe is a non-stock, cooperative membership corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Maryland. If you’re interested in the inner workings of the cooperative or would like to provide sustaining financial support to the cafe, visit the member area. Everyone is welcome — you don’t have to be a member to dine.

Peonies in front of the cafe
The cafe in spring, captured by Greenbelt resident Susan Harris.