Chef Carrie

Executive Chef Carrie Megginson cultivates her life-long engagement with food, its history, systems, preparation protocols, fads and flavors, both in her home and her workplace.

She started a bread-baking business at eight, washed dishes for a tuition scholarship in high school, worked through graduate school as a pub cook, cooked privately for families with multiple special dietary needs, sold home kitchen gear. She became a food co-op buyer and manager, a vegan catering chef, a CSA and heritage pig farmer, a restaurant manager, and a food desert warrior.

Now she will be bringing delicious, inclusive, seasonal cuisine to Greenbelt’s de facto community living room – the New Deal Café.

Chef Carrie pursues quality time with her dog and has a passion for exploring ancient archetypes when she isn’t cooking.

Chef Carrie also has a deep understanding and commitment to the Cafe as a Cooperative.  This is evidenced by her experience as both a Senior Manager and a Board member of the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Cooperative, as well as her leadership of the Mid-Atlantic Cooperative Alliance.  This background provides her with a firm basis for understanding the Cafe’s culture and heritage as a Cooperative.

Stop by the Cafe and meet Chef Carrie.  She has many new and exciting ideas, and is eager to meet you, our members.