How Can I Help?

The New Deal Cafe is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit, non-stock, cooperative membership corporation. We rely on the contributions of members and volunteers to stay in business! Here are some ways you can help us out:

Please donatE to our 25th Anniversary Fund Drive!

To celebrate the Cafe’s 25th anniversary in 2020, we’re trying to raise $250,000. This money will go to updating the Cafe’s decor, purchasing and repairing equipment, paying down our debt, setting up an endowment, and much more. Please help us survive and thrive for another 25 years–give generously, and receive the premiums below as our thanks to you!

New Deal Cafe 25th anniv T-shirtA donation of $100 or more entitles you to one of our beautiful, all-cotton, limited-edition 25th anniversary T-shirts! Available in both women’s and men’s cuts, sizes S to XXXL.

New Deal Cafe 25th anniv. beer glass

25th anniv coffee mug

For a donation of $50 or more, we’ll give you you a handy, attractive 25th anniversary beer glass or coffee mug!

Compost bag label

We also have a limited supple of 1lb. bags of New Deal compost, generated in our on-site worm-composting bins from our kitchen scraps! Great for gardening, and available for a $25 donation.

New Deal Cafe bumpersticker

Donors of $10 or more get this colorful New Deal Cafe bumpersticker!