You helped us DOUBLE our $10,000 fundraising goal!

To address current financial challenges, we planned this Masquer-AID to raise $10,000. We are proud to say we have more than DOUBLED that goal, raising $26,000!!

The Gala and fundraising effort demonstrated the importance and love of the community for the New Deal Café. Peoples contributions, which exceeded our expectations, varied based upon what individuals could afford, but all reflected the love they have for the Café. We received your love and support through donations, sponsoring the Ball, and your purchases in the John Guernsey Art Auction. Your support enables the Cafe’s award-winning music and arts program, to continue providing musical programming that brings people together and strengthens communal bonds.

The Wall of Fame Plaque will be unveiled at a special reception in January.  There is still time to add your name to the plaque and sponsor New Deal Cafe music and arts program.  Click the corresponding number to sponsor at the level that works for you: 

$250 | $500 | $750 | $1000

Please click *here* if you wish to make a tax- deductible donation to the Cafe through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

Sponsors and DONors

Diamond Sponsors ($1000 +)

In Memory of Betty and Don Cheater

Mike Trevisan 


Rebecca Rackis

Kenneth Haase & Margaret Benefiel

Council Member Ingrid Watson

Susan Barnett & Paul Downs 

Connie Davis

Platinum Sponsor

First Saturday Drum Circle
“Keeping the beat for the heart of Greenbelt.”

Gold Sponsors

Katy Gaughan, Drumming for Wellness / nonprofit website and blog for and about Greenbelt

Charles (Dr. Z) Smith

Sylvia Lewis


Paul Pinsky

Silver Sponsors

Gregory Evans and Jayne DeVane

Mara Hemminger

Johanna Goderre

Jamie Krauk and David O’Brien

Miriam Lemus

Phil McQueen

Joseph Robbins

Tom LeaMond

 Dr. Alan Rothfeld

Abby & Ed Crowley

Katja Pottschmidt

Teresa Petrovic & David Aylward

Kim Kash of Compass Realty

Kristen Weaver

Amethyst Dwyer & Dorian Winterfeld

In Honor of Jacque Goodnow / That’s Grand and It’s All Goodnow!

Dan, Rosie, and Jojo Weaver

The Ashpes Girls/ April & Debbie Ashpes/ Alison & Emerson Gary

Tina Van Pelt and family

Ukulele Ladies

Linda Lacey

Greenbelt HONK! situation

Lore Rosenthal & Michael Hartman

Rich Cantwell & Frances Fendlay of Town Center Realty

Judy Safchick 

Beltway Plaza Merchants Association

Frank Gervasi

Open Mic Community

Franklin Greenbelt at Greenbelt Station

Trevor & Marni Siegel

Alonzo Washington

Anthony Case
Alan Zambrini
Fairy Hair by Claire
Deaf Brunch


 KS Miler
Larry Ravitz
All Her Muses – Natalie Illum
Martha Watson
Philip Aronson
Kerry Loring
Penny Martin
Jennifer Loss
Scott Bringen
Deborah Daniel
Patrice Pascual
Judith Davis
Barbara Glick
Lois Rosado 
Mary C Sies
Carla Rosenthal
Yi-Chia Kuo
Jon Jones
Brian Mondeel
Ric Gordon
Tina Van Pelt
Tom & Geraldine Adams
Sallie McElrath
Lisa Stand
Nancy Joy Alchin
Alice Mitchell


Masquer-Aid the Cafe Ball Team

A HUGE thank you to those who made our first Masquer-Aid happen!

Planning Team: Michael Hartman, Charles Smith, Caitlin Gompf, and leader Katy Gaughan

Art Auction Team: Meg Haney, Raven Eyes Cagle, Mike McMullin, and FONDCA 

Dan Gillote, Raul Baptiste, and the amazing kitchen and front-of-house staff of the New Deal Cafe

Musicians: 49 Cent Dress featuring Liz Springer, the Wild Anacostias, and Peter Reppert

Door Attendees: Chris Colvin and Charles Scites

Sound: Matt Severson

Event Volunteers: Jennifer Loss, Stephen Pastelak, Mauricio Aguilar