Urgent Call for Funds

June 6, 2018

Dear Members and Supporters of the New Deal Cafe:

Those of you who attended the Board meeting this week learned about the dire condition of our finances when our new Treasurer, Dorian Winterfeld, gave his report. The struggles we face in the coming weeks, until our contractor takes over some of the cafe’s expenses in mid-July, are insurmountable – without your help.

More immediately, we need help just keeping the doors open until then. We are so close to the finish line – please help!

You Can Help in Two Ways

  1. We need another $5,000 to pay rent, payroll and other essential expenses between now and mid- to late July when our new operators are up and running and bringing in new customers.

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  2. We need as many Silver Co-op Members as possible. They’re the angels (21 of them so far) who have contributed $500 – $10,000 to support the cafe. For the first $500, annual membership dues are waived. For each additional $500, Silver Members receive $25 in food credits and our eternal gratitude. Silver members may have their original support amount returned after three years.

    To become a Silver Member of the New Deal Cafe, write to us at .