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2017 Annual Meeting Agenda

The New Deal Cafe will hold its annual membership meeting at the cafe on Sunday, May 21st at 1pm. Sign-in and payment of annual dues begins at 12:30pm.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Prioritization and Approval of Agenda
  2. Welcome by the Board President
  3. Approval of Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting
  4. Reports
    1. Board of Directors Report
    2. Financial Report
    3. Audit Committee Report
  5. Election of Officers (Board of Directors and Audit Committee) — No later than 3:30pm
  6. Other Reports
    1. Operations Report
    2. Art Committee Report
    3. Music Committee Report
    4. FONDCA Report
  7. New Business
  8. Results of Elections of Board of Directors and Audit Committee
  9. Adjournment and Farewell