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August 2005 Board Meeting Announcement

August Board Meeting Announcement

The New Deal Café August board meeting will be at 7pm on Wednesday August the 10th.
We will meet in the new space, at 114 Centerway, the former Video Store. If
you can, please come 10 min. earlier to help with set-up.
Please acknowledge receipt of this memo.  ">

The primary new business will include the expansion; The Charter of the
Expansion Team, Plan of Action, and Milestones Schedule, it’s financing, and
communications with members.
Board members, Café citizens and Staff, please let me know what items you
wish to propose for the agenda, and whether you can meet at the selected

Here are the current list of topics for discussion and action for the

1. A report from the Membership Committee on updates to the Members list.
New information has been collected on members including MIA members. The
most current contact information is vital to the expansion committee’s
efforts to communicate with the members. The goal is to have in place an up
to date list by the 15th of August so that mailings can begin and will be
cost effective. FONDCA has already conducted a survey of the old members
list, and their help in clarifying and updating the list is requested. The
new application for membership will be presented.

2. A charter for the Expansion Committee will be reviewed and put up for
approval of the board. This will be followed by a review of the Plan of
Action and Milestones schedule.

3. Assignments as part of the expansion POA, will be proposed for all board
members and direct report staff.

4. Recruiting both skilled and general help to man the Phase 1 work will be
discussed. Please conceder your network of connections and the skills pool
that may be available from your friends and neighbors. Check in with
potential volunteers and come prepared to propose contacts for the Expansion

5. Financing options will be presented by the Management team, Ellen and
Jen. The initial costs of the “gift card” plan will be presented. Action on
this item is whether to entering in to a card plan at this time or ask for
more research.

In addition we will have brief presentations of the Financial Report,
Operations/Managers Report, and Staff Report. The meeting will adjourn at

Please feel free to write back to me or enter your thoughts at –

Richard McMullin
Board President
New Deal Café
The living room for homegrown Visual, Performing, and Culinary Arts!