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August 30, 2006 board meeting minutes


New Deal Café Board of Directors

Regular Meeting

August 30, 2006

Present:  Richard McMullen, Bill Wilkerson, Diana McFadden, Ronnie Scotkin

Others:  Ellen Siegel (General Manager), Cathy Jones, Dorian Winterfeld, Peter May

         Richard called the meeting to order at 7:25 PM.


1.           The board minutes of July 19, 2006 were presented.

         Motion: Approve the minutes fo June 21, 2006.

         Moved: Ronnie Scotkin Second: Diana McFadden        Approved: 3-0

2.           Petitions & Requests – The board declined to allow Peter May to address the board on a confidential matter in which he is not involved..

3.           Board Vacancy – Bill reported that two individuals sent letters of interest in the board vacancy before August 25, the end of the three week notice period.

Motion:  That the board vacancy be placed on the September 20 regular meeting agenda and the meeting be advertised in the News Review.

         Moved: Bill Wilkerson  Second:  Ronnie Scotkin Carried: 3-0

4.           Financial Report – Bill reported that the café had obtained a line of credit in order to consolidate past debts, pay some outstanding bills, and purchase equipment.

5.           IRS Update – Ellen reported that our tax attorney John Strange called.  He reported that after two years of trying to get Mr. Sappey, IRS agent, to respond as to our balance due, it is time to take another tack.  Strange sent the café copies of all communication with the IRS, and recommends that we go to the local IRS office in New Carrollton with proof of the $2300 payment.  We should also search for the missing documents and request the IRS to set aside the civil penalty.  If we can achieve these objectives, the café will only owe $3,687 +.

Motion: That the retrieval of tax records from storage be expedited and that the records be searched for the missing documents.

         Moved:  Bill Wilkerson Second: Diana McFadden        Carried: 3-0

6.           Community Center Kitchen Use Agreement – Ellen explained that the former six-month agreement between the city and the café for use of the community center kitchen expired a month ago, and that she would proceed to renew the contract under the same conditions as before, i.e. the café pays a $250 flat monthly fee, with the portion of the monthly payment left after the month’s kitchen use charges are deducted going toward the $12,555 debt the café owes to the city.

7.           Website – The board is interested in tracking the use of the website by members and others.  Dorian will look into the potential to count hits by category with GIAC.

8.           Art in the Café – The Roosevelt Center Group plans to distribute flyers at the Labor Day festival for FONDCA’s fund drive.  A meeting will be held September 8 to discuss preparations for the Harvest Festival.  The board considers the MOU with FONDCA in effect since March 2006 after two months of inaction by FONDCA.  The Music and Arts committee will invite FONDCA to meet to discuss any changes needed to the MOU for 2007.  An all-artists meeting will be held to present the hanging process for art in the café.  Ads will be placed in the newspaper for the all-artists meeting and for a planned t-shirt contest.

Motion: That $75 be appropriated for an advertisement in the News Review for the all-artist meeting.

         Moved: Richard McMullen      Second: Diana McFadden        Carried: 3-0

9.           Committee Appointment

         Motion: That Cathy Jones be appointed to the Nominations & Elections committee.

         Moved: Bill Wilkerson  Second: Diana McFadden        Carried: 3-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

                                                               Respectfully submitted,

                                                               Bill Wilkerson, Secretary

These minutes were approved at the Board’s meeting of August 30, 2006.