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Board Meeting Agenda: March 29, 2007

7:00 – 8:30 pm at the upstairs Co-op Meeting Room

I.            Call to order and presentation of last meeting minutes
Peter May / David Ziegler

II.            Old Business
Taxes, Liquor License, Staffing, Kitchen Agreement, Burglary
Peter / Open to others with old business

III.           Operations

Staffing, Health Inspection and upgrades, HVAC, Brunchs and events, ….

Vasili Frankos / Shift Managers

IV.           Financial Report

Status of Bookkeeping/Finances, preparation for taxes (inventory)
Leannette Carlson and Jen
V.            Staff Report
Report on staff topics of concern
Staff members if present
VI.           Committees
Management and Financial Audit Committee
Kris White & John Abel, Lea, Jen
Art Committee                                               Kristen Stenson
Music and Entertainment Committee
Richard McMullin, Joe Harris, Dave, Vasili, Peter
Membership Committee, Bill Jones

VII.           Other/New business
Management Candidates if present,  Fondca, etc.

VIII.          Set next meeting date

IX.            Meeting adjournment