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Board Meeting Minutes: August 11, 2007

New Deal Cafe Board of Directors
Regular Meeting

Present: Peter May, Diana McFadden, Dave Zeigler (via phone)

Others: Bill Wilkerson

Peter called the meeting to order at 12:00 pm.

  1. Board Vacancies

    The are two vacancies on the board. A list of candidates was proposed and reviewed by the board.

    Motion: Appoint Bill Wilkerson and Brecken Chinn-Swartz to fill the board vacancies.

    Moved: Dave Zeigler; Second:Diana McFadden; Approved: 3-0

  2. Loan Proposal

    Joel Moodie proposed that the cafe apply for a loan from the NCCB for $100-150,000 in
    order to consolidate debts of over $65,000 (credit line, credit card, and GCC).
    The remaining amount is proposed to pay for improvements that will establish avenues of
    revenue such as for the coffeehouse operation (brewer, grinder, multi-port espresso machine),
    an ice machine, counter tops, new or renovated floor, lighting, ceiling improvements, exhaust
    fan, stoves. Joel also identified city grants and loans after a discussion with Konrad Herling,
    and Joel promised to investigate.

    Leslie emphasized the need to insure that the loan be used only for improvements and
    debt consolidation as opposed to operating expenses. She suggested that the treasurer be
    required to approve any expenditures from the loan.

  3. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    Peter presented the revised MOU between the City and the Cafe regarding proposed alcohol
    service on the outdoor patio. The MOU will be presented tot he City on August 12, 2007.

    Motion: Approve the MOU.

    Moved: Diana McFadden; Second: Dave Zeigler; Approved: 3-0

  4. Liability Insurance

    The by-laws require the cafe to obtain liability insurance for the board.

    Motion: Direct the board secretary to complete and submit the application for libility
    insurance to the insurance company.

    Motion: Bill Wilkerson; Second: Diana McFadden

  5. Resignation/Appointment

    Dave Zeigler announced that he is resigning from the board subject to purchase of liability insurance.

    Motion: Appoint Michael Cooney to fill the board vacancy.

    Motion: Bill Wilkerson; Second: Diana McFadden

The meeting was suspended at 1:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Wilkerson, Secretary

These minutes were approved at the Board’s meeting of August 27, 2007.