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Board Meeting Minutes: November 3, 2009

Board: Terri Rutledge, Bill Wilkerson, Don Comis, Mike Stark
Audit Committee: Ed James, Dorian Winterfeld, Michael Hartman

Terri called the meeting to order at 6:40pm.

New Year’s Eve

During discussion, the following points were made.

  • Don – this (New year’s) is good for both cafe and KMK.
  • Mike – was it a cash bar last year? Answer is yes.
  • Dorian on FONDCA – KMK won’t give free champagne – also asked for splitting Buck Hill cost. Will ask Karim for coop member discount. Issue of whether KMK can actually go to coop and buy booze – we think not.
  • Much discussion over FONDCA vs. board decision making.
  • Terri thinks he needs to contribute to entertainment.

The board reached a consensus on the following negotiating points to be discussed by Terri and Bill with Karim.

  • Open to public or closed – can let people in after the food serving, same as last year. Maybe allow members to have early crack At tickets. M. Hartmann – does contract allow Board to have this degree of control over operation? Must open up at 11.
  • Champagne – yes/no or who pays. Don thinks we can get champagne for about $1-2 a glass. Bill moves we spend $50. Don – we should tell him to buy the sparkling cider. Audit committee has brought up questions of interpretation of sections 6.2 &7.4. Sell champagne to K at $3 a glass. He should count this money into the ticket price.
  • Buck Hill – who pays the $200 for Buck himself (FONDCA picks up the band). Karim has to understand that FONDCA money is money that would otherwise attack the debt. We don’t like FONDCA exceeding the city grant. We will ask Karim for the $375 that bands exceeds FONDCA grant from city of Greenbelt. We will tell FONDCA that we are only authorizing them to spend $500.
  • Discount for members? We will ask for members to get $10 off, or second best option of priority reservations.
  • We should be asking Barbara about the monthly payment for the debt.

Staff/Volunteer Appreciation Party

The board discussed the issue of whether we could afford drinks for 50 volunteers with a significant other each. Let’s have some limit on # of drinks. Worried about cost of # of people who are potentially there. Guest? Open bar? 2 drink coupons @ max will be $400.

Display Cases

They are free to us – Tina has them already. Suggests getting rid of 1 bookcase, or put one next to the coffee.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Stark, Secretary

The minutes of November 3, 2009 were approved by the board on December 14, 2009.