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Board Meeting Minutes: October 10, 2007

New Deal Cafe Board of Directors
Regular Meeting

Present: Peter May, president, Diana McFadden, Peggy Barott, Bill Wilkerson

Excused: Pat Brent

Others: Mike Mulhaney

  1. Manager’s Position

    Pat Brent had tentatively agreed to take over
    the manager’s position as Joel Moodie transitioned back to other
    commitments. Pat notified the board this week that she will be unable
    to accept the position at this time. The board decided to advertise and
    hire a new manager, as Joel’s role will be decreasing this Fall.

  2. Cafe Finances

    The cafe enters the fourth week since the special
    membership meeting, October 11 – 14, with a positive cash flow. While
    finances are very tight, rent and payroll were covered, and overdue
    utility bills are being paid on installment for the time being. The
    cafe needs to improve its receipts over the next month. Member loans
    and donations, which carried the cafe over the past month and fixed
    summer’s financial shortfall, have been used up. Directors Peggy Barott
    and Bill Wilkerson will work with other board members on cash flow
    projections for the next month.

  3. Volunteers

    Volunteers have been doing a great job to help the cafe
    keep payroll expenses low, and to provide service during the cafe’s
    shorter hours. The volunteer coordinators were out of town for several
    weeks, but other members are working to make sure the volunteer slots
    are filled for the upcoming week.

  4. Loan Application

    Peter May reported that the loan application went
    to NCB Bank on October 7, and that the bank promised to provide an
    initial response within a week or two. In anticipation of potential
    approval of a loan, the board decided to proceed with preparations for
    renovation of the cafe.

  5. Business Plan

    The board agreed to post the business plan online,
    except for any proprietary financial information or personal background
    information of board members as requested by the bank.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Wilkerson, Secretary