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Board Meeting Minutes: October 25, 2010

Board: Terri Rutledge, Bill Wilkerson, Don Comis, Michael Hartman
Audit Committee: Mike Stark, Amina Kalifa

Board: Ed James

Terri called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

  1. Consideration of Items for Executive Session – Due to confusion over reasons for adjourning to executive session, Bill volunteered to study the matter and report back to the board.
  2. Bar Manager Search Update – Terri reported that a new ad appeared in the News Review
    on October 14, 2010 and she received three more responses. Applications have been sent
    to all six respondents with October 20, 2010 set as the deadline for submittal. Two
    applications have been received. Others may be submitted late, and Terri will call to see
    if the others are still interested.

    Next, a committee composed of Terri, Don, Mike, and Bill will meet next week, at a time
    to be announced by Terri, to review the applications and decide who to interview. The
    committee will then make a recommendation to the board. It was agreed that Terri,
    Michael, and Bill will hold an exit interview with Tom.

    Terri said the position description will be revised, if necessary, and brought to the board
    before the position is filled. The board needs to discuss tips and the relationship with the

  3. Manager Evaluation Status – Michael reported that he made a list of requirements of the
    manager as described in the Agreement. He will develop a draft evaluation form as soon
    as possible.
  4. Manager Liability Insurance Renewal – The manager gave Bill the renewal for the café
    liability insurance he is required to keep in force, stating that he wants to get other
    estimates. The board agreed that the board must be involved in any discussions with
    other insurance companies, since the cooperative is ultimately responsible to maintain
    adequate coverage. Bill explained that the minimum coverage expected was the level of
    coverage that has been maintained over the years. He also noted that there is a benefit to
    having both the manager’s coverage and the bar coverage under the same company. The
    board decided that manager will be told not to move forward without board involvement.
  5. Directors and Officers Insurance – Bill reported that we finally received a quote and that
    he is reviewing the proposed policy.
  6. Paint Branch Unitarian Church Auction Request – The board decided to contribute a $25
    gift certificate to the auction, ask the manager to contribute another $25 gift certificate,
    and noted the advertising value of the auction.
  7. Special Events – Terri reminded the board of the Halloween parade on Friday, October
    29, 4:00 – 4:30pm at Roosevelt Center, and the need for decorations at the cafe. Don
    and Amina agreed to retrieve the decorations from the office and if necessary go to the
    party store on Thursday, October 28 to obtain and hang the decorations.

    There will be a party for Tom Leamond on October 29, 2010. The board agreed to give
    Tom a gift card for $75 and Don, Amina, and Michael volunteered to donate another $25.
    Bill will prepare a certificate of appreciation.

    Terri talked to the manager about holding an employee/volunteer appreciation party.
    Karim said he may decide to take the employees somewhere other than the café like last
    year. The cooperative will plan to hold the party for volunteers anyway on December 6
    but prefers to participate with the employees. As a result the Board/Manager meeting
    will be moved from December 6 to November 29 or December 13.

  8. FONDCA Fundraising Letter – The board agreed that FONDCA should send the proposed
    annual fundraiser letter.

The regular session was adjourned at 8:40 pm and the board recessed for executive

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Wilkerson, Acting Secretary