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February 21, 2006 board meeting minutes


New Deal Café

Board of Directors

Regular Meeting

February 21, 2006

Present:               RichardMcMullen, Bill Wilkerson, Ronnie Scotkin

Excused:             DianaMcFadden

Absent:               Joyce Abell

Others:              EllenSiegel (General Manager), Barbara Simon, Lester Whitmer, Brett Fishburne, PeteMayo, Ron Teneyck (Comcast TV),
Narsh Smith (Comcast TV), James McCain (ComcastTV)


The meeting was called to order by Richard McMullen at 7:02 p.m.

1.Courtesy Briefing on Cable TV Show – Ellen Siegel introduced Ron Teneyckwho briefed the board on a proposed Comcast TV show.  He is having discussions with the General Manager about thepossibility of filming in the café.  He indicatedthat patrons can be recruited as extras, and that the show may draw patrons tothe café.

2.Approval of Agenda – The agenda was approved as distributed.

  1. Special Proclamation – BillWilkerson read a special resolution of the board acknowledging Ellen SiegelÕsthird anniversary as manager of the café.
  2. Standing Rules – The standingrules were approved without change.
  3. Election of Officers – Richardintroduced information regarding the election of Diana McFadden to the board.

Motion:     Nominate Richard as president.

Moved: Bill Wilkerson                             Second:Ronnie Scotkin                             Carried:3-0

The further election of officers was postponed until the matter of Diana’s statusis resolved.

  1. Board & Committee Assignments– The assignments were reviewed by Richard.
  2. Board Quarterly Schedule – Theschedule was reviewed by Richard.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

Submittedby:  Bill Wilkerson