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Feburary 9, 2007 board meeting minutes

New Deal Cafe

113 Centerway

Greenbelt, MD 20770


New Deal Cafe Minutes

New Deal Cafe Board of Directors

February 9, 2007

Continuation of adjourned
annual meeting of February 5, 2007.

Meeting was called into
session at 7:47pm.

In attendance:  Newly elect Board Members: Vasili
Francos, Peter May, & David Ziegler

Seated:      Diana McFadden, Ronnie Scotkin

Membership:  Bill Jones – Parliament, Jen
Harris, Ametheyst Dwyer

David was elected as
temporary chair for the elect.
There was a brief discussion of powers and duties of the chair.  Further information can be found in the
Bylaws, Article 6, Sec. 2.

Presidential Elect:

Ronnie nominated Diana,
Vasili nominated Pete

Results: 1st elect:  Tie w/ one vote

3 votes for Pete, 2 votes for

Peter May elected and
appointed as President & Chair of New Deal Cafe.

May then presided to chair the final elect.

Secretary Elect:

Vasili nominate David; Motion
was made to elect David Ziegler as Secretary of Board.  Ronnie seconded.  Unanimous decision.

Treasurer Elect:

Pete nominated Vasili; Vasili
nominated himself.

Unanimous decision.

  1. David’s eligibility to be elected as board member was placed into
    question by former secretary and parliamentary on the basis of not
    fulfilling the prerequisite of the minimum of 6 months of being a member
    to the cafe.  Evidence of full
    eligibility was verbally communicated and provided by the former President
    and Kitchen Manager to the former secretary and current parliament.  David’s elect to the board was
  1. It was formally noted there was a presence of a
  1. Security
    1. Motion
      was made to call for a special meeting to allow Detective Lanier
      to present to the board recommendations on
      security measures for next scheduled meeting for Thursday, 2/15/07 at
      7:30 pm at the contingent location in the meeting room on the 2nd
      floor of the Food Co-op.
      Police station was designated as the back-up location for the
    1. Regular tentative meeting scheduled for Wed.,
      7:30pm, 2/28/07.
  1.  Pest Control

                                                           i.      A history of the last
certificate should be pulled and reported to the board at the next meeting.

                                                          ii.      It was noted that this
was the #1 concern of the staff members of the cafe.

Motion was made to grant Vasili and Ronnie the power to
authorize the assessment and service up to $350.00 from Ed Alfred of Piece of

Pest Management, Inc. scheduled for Mon. 2/12/07 at 11am.  Motion was voted and accepted

5.  Monday Hours for NDC?

was recommended to research and report on Monday’s income.

  1. Process of Book Obtainment

suggested Leonette Carlson and Lynn Edmonston to review books.

will be placed into Ronnie’s possession at the adjournment to tonight’s

  1.  Keys/Locks

suggested investment in ASSA Key Corp., which provides a database of key

  1. Employment of Food Safety Manager

i.             Motion was made to temporarily employ Jennifer Harrison for a duration of two weeks at her own discretion to
dictate her own time sheet under the supervision and approval of the Shift/Cook
Manager as a certified Food Safety Manager
.  Motion was accepted.

  1. Employee Concern

i.         Motion was made to grant Debra Taylor’s hourly wage request according to the 2/7/07 e-mail to
the board.  Vote Results:  3 in favor, 1 vote abstained, 1 in
disfavor.  Motion was accepted.

ii.       Motion was
made to grant Debra Taylor’s
for the NDC to provide her one worker assistant between and up to two hours as
needed in order to perform heavy lifting duties.  Ronnie seconded motion.  Motion was accepted.

meeting was adjourned at 10:35pm.

Ziegler, Secretary