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June 7, 2009 Special Membership Meeting Summary

The Special Membership Meeting of the New Deal Cafe Cooperative was
held at the cafe at 7:00pm last night with 70 voting members in
attendance. At the start of the meeting Maria, Chef Karim’s wife,
announced that a tentative agreement had been reached with the board of
directors for Chef Karim to return to the cafe under a new contract. She
stated a hope that all can be friends again. The surprise report was
met with loud cheers and applause.

Before the meeting the board placed displays for member inspection
in the front of the room which contained key correspondence regarding
the contract dispute. A copy of the original management contract was
also available for inspection.

The board then gave a presentation in response to the membership
request for an explanation of why the cafe had been temporarily closed.
a copy of the presentation

The chairman of the meeting then opened the floor to
discussion of the motions to form an audit committee to look into the
contract dispute and report back to the membership in 45 days. After
about 15 minutes of discussion, a member stated that Maria’s
announcement indicated that both the manager and the board felt positive
about the tentative agreement and that it contained favorable terms for
both parties. He then moved that the meeting be adjourned which would
effectively table the motions indefinitely. The motion to adjourn
passed by a simple majority and the meeting disbanded around 8:35 pm.
The board stayed around to answer questions, and many members stayed to
talk about the meeting and socialize.

Bill Wilkerson, NDC Secretary