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Notice of Special Membership Meeting: Sunday, September 16, 2007

7:30 PM

Time: Meeting at 7:30pm (sign in at 6:30pm)
Objective: To discuss the Cafe’s very serious financial situation and how to allow the Cafe to
continue as our community living room and a place for our community’s arts and music.
Motions to be discussed:
  1. That the Cafe close, declare bankruptcy and pay off approximately $100K in debts.
  2. That the Cafe create a shareholder form of ownership with a private sale of shares with
    co-op members, patrons, and others to raise $150K to $200K in order to consolidate debts and
    make improvements.
  3. That the Cafe sell the business to a private owner(s) in order to invest in the necessary
    improvements and management.
  4. Some hybrid of motions two and three.
  5. Other possible financing and ownership options.
Further info: Read our printable informational handout.
Copies are also available at the cafe.

By New Deal Cafe Board of Directors.