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October 12, 2006 board meeting minutes


New Deal Café Board of Directors

Regular Meeting

October 12, 2006

Present:  Richard McMullin, Bill Wilkerson, Diana McFadden

Excused:  Ronnie Scotkin

1.       Richard called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM.


2.       Minutes – The minutes of August 30, 2006 were approved.

Motion: Approve the minutes.

Moved: Diana McFadden        Second: Bill Wilkerson  Approved: 3-0


3.       Personnel Policy – Comments on proposed changes to the temporary personnel policy are due to Richard by next week.

4.       Annual Membership Meeting – The board selected January 21, 2007 as the date for the annual membership meeting.  It was suggested that a by-law change be brought to the members formalizing the third Sunday in January as the date for the annual membership meeting.  This will allow preparation of the financial report for calendar year 2006.

Motion: Approve the minutes.

Moved:  Bill Wilkerson  Second: Diana McFadden        Approved: 3-0

5.       Art Policy – Comments on the latest draft of the policy are due to Richard next week.

6.       Tax Accountant – Bruce Hughes was approved to do the cafe’s 2006 taxes.

Motion: Approve Bruce Hughes as the cafe’s 2006 tax accountant..

Moved: Diana McFadden            Second: Bill Wilkerson      Approved: 3-0

7.    Kitchen Agreement – The kitchen agreement renewal was sent to the city confirming the former monthly payment of $230, which includes the monthly charges for use of the community center kitchen.  Any leftover amount goes toward the cafe’s debt to the city for past use of the kitchen.  The café can request reduction of the monthly payment to $120 per month with written justification that the café has financial difficulties.

Motion: The café invoke the lower payment to the city, due to the past history of four years of winter shortfalls in business.  (Letter to be prepared by Richard .)

Moved: Diana McFadden        Second: Bill Wilkerson  Approved: 3-0

8.      Employee meeting – The board is invited to attend a staff meeting on October 8, 2006, at 8PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Wilkerson, Secretary

These minutes were approved at the Board’s meeting of_____________, 2006.