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Open Letter to the Cafe Community, 2007

An open letter to the cafe community, February 20, 2007:

The Board of the New Deal Cafe Cooperative would like to thank the members of the cafe who
attended the annual membership meeting in early February, and everyone who has patronized the cafe
in the past. This is a time of transition for the cafe. The manager has resigned and three new members
have been elected to the Board of Directors: Vasili Frankos, Peter May, and David Ziegler are joining
boardmembers Diana McFadden and Ronnie Scotkin. The cafe welcomes volunteers from the community to work
on committees which cover many aspects of the cafe, including: Entertainment, Art, Membership, Volunteering
and Marketing. Your greatest support is your continued patronage. If you have any questions,
recommendations, or concerns please feel free stop in, or write us: Attention: New Deal Cafe Board, by email:
(Join the cafe Yahoogroup! or snail mail at our business address.
See you at the cafe!

Peter May, President
Vasili Frankos, Treasurer
David Ziegler, Secretary
Diana McFadden
Ronnie Scotkin