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Operations Manager’s Report: June 5, 2017

Heather Brooks

Though, as reported last week, things are running a bit more smoothly now – we still have a lot of work to do to keep moving in a positive direction.

Recent accomplishments are on the previous report.


  • A list of tasks volunteers might be able to do at the café, such as:
    • Creating flyers
    • Distributing flyers
    • Seeking out sources of inexpensive advertising
    • Artists that can volunteer to make chalkboard art for the sandwich boards
    • Serving coffee/pastry alongside a paid staff member
    • Using their social media accounts to spread official social media posts
    • Handy stuff – people who know how to use tools well – we always have stuff that needs to be done around the café.
    • Coming in for major cleanups, painting, repairs, etc.
    • Running food (people with experience only)
    • Waitstaff and baristas with experience who can emergency fill in and work at least a couple regular shifts a month to stay in the loop.
  • Working with the kitchen on specials/marketing specials, etc. There is a lot more work to be done in this area – but we finally have a little footing on it.
  • Finer pastry (with more frequent delivery) and seeking out a bagel contractor.
  • International teas to be added to our tea offerings.
  • Breakfast menu discussed with and is being costed by Johnson. We came up with a menu of seven offerings, to be announced later. We plan on starting a limited breakfast service next week to include traditional and vegan offerings. I find Johnson to be very organized and easy to work with. He also has many years’ experience with cooperatives and already knows a number of our food vendors – and knows a bunch we don’t use, too. I personally believe his is a very good fit for the café and his skills and experience should be utilized to the fullest. He and Lisa could be baking us gluten free and vegan breakfast offerings if only we could get a working oven.
  • Panini press some time in the near future – to offer a variety of breakfast sandwiches and grilled cheese at the front for when the kitchen is overloaded, closed, etc. This really needs the help of more counter/storage space up front.
  • I have heard discussion of having fans installed in the patio ceiling, I figure maybe if I ask now we can put it on the agenda officially and have them for next summer.
  • Repair the area at the back of the stage to prevent accidents.
  • Install shelving and organizational bins in office.
  • Begin Monday morning hours on the 12th.
  • Hire more waitstaff – really want to get table service rolling – Tom LeaMond and Danny are in touch about Toast things that need to be worked out before we can begin table service. It’s an area that could really improve the experience at the café.


  • We need a better counter up front. Can we PLEASE get some kind of counter in – even just a top and shelving all in wood and open in the back – I don’t care, I need more counter space, more shelves and an ice-maker and fridge is really important for summer coming. We are having to buy ice from the co-op daily on hot days, it’s going to eat into our profits a LOT. Please help me expand services by providing some kind of counter and an under counter fridge and ice maker. Can’t we use the money that is in the GoFundMe to build a basic counter?
  • Either we need to install the new stove or hire somebody to do it ASAP or hire somebody to come fix the one we have and calibrate the flat top griddle – which will be a minimum of a few hundred dollars – but could be much more. I mean right away. THE KITCHEN CANNOT BAKE AND NOW THAT WE OFFER BOTH NACHOS AND BAKED ITEMS THAT NEED TO BE REHEATED IN AN OVEN IT IS CAUSING SLOWED DOWN ORDERS – this is NOT the fault of the kitchen – somebody orders nachos and mac and cheese and Jeremy is baking a pie – it causes a real problem.
  • It’s summer, which means bugs are outside. Asian cockroaches are throughout the entire center in the evenings. They are OUTSIDE and ALL OVER the entire center roaming about and I believe it is at a level that needs to involve the city. Additionally we need to request that the owner of the center caulk at the base of the building so that there are no cracks in the area between where the building meets the sidewalks so none of them get inside. We may have to start keeping the doors closed at all times to avoid them getting in. It wouldn’t hurt to caulk the doors and stuff, too, just to be on the safe side.