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September 20, 2006 board meeting minutes


New Deal Café Board of Directors

Regular Meeting

September 20, 2006

Present:  Richard McMullin, Bill Wilkerson, Diana McFadden, Ronnie Scotkin

Others:  Ellen Siegel (General Manager), Jennifer Rigg, Peter May

1.       Richard called the meeting to order at 7:13 PM.


2.       Minutes – The draft minutes of the January 15, 2006 annual membership meeting and the April 30, 2006 special membership meeting were approved for presentation to the membership at the next annual meeting

Motion: Approve the minutes for presentation to the membership.

Moved: Ronnie Scotkin      Second: Diana McFadden    Approved: 3-0


3.       Reports

a)       Ellen reported that the new layout with the stage in the back room has been well received by patrons; the menu board will be moved; she has plans to sell member’s crafts, as well as coffee and chai in the retail area/display case; additional catering events have been booked; a new fridge has been purchased and installed, a member discount day is planned each month (but membership cards need to be distributed).

b)      Richard reported that a t-shirt contest will be held to find designs for new café t-shirts, possibly to be judged by the art committee.

c)       Richard reported that planning for the fall harvest music festival and crafts fair is on target.  It was suggested that FORC could help distribute café literature.

d)      Brett has been asked to provide financial reports for the third quarter since Pat Brett is away on personal business.

4.       Membership Committee – Ronnie Scotkin agreed to lead  the membership committee in order to get the membership cards sent in the near future, so the member discount day can be initiated.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Wilkerson, Secretary

These minutes were approved at the Board’s meeting of_____________, 2006.