Lunch and Dinner Menu

No time to eat in? Call in your order for pickup! Give us a ring at (301) 474-5642.

Reservations are recommended on Friday and Saturday nights and for popular bands. Call (301) 474-5642 to book a table.

The cafe can prepare food for your off-site gathering. Download our delicious catering menu, then call the cafe to speak to Chef Karim about your event.



Hummos: chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini & garlic, served with pita bread ($6.25)

Hummos special: same as above, topped with ground meat and pine nuts ($7.75)

Hummos with shawarma: beef or chicken, served with pita bread ($7.75)

Baba ghannouge: eggplant, tahini, lemon juice & garlic, served with pita bread ($6.95)

Falafel: chickpeas, fava beans, cilantro patties, deep fried, served with tahini sauce ($1.25 each, or $5 for a plate)

Grape leaves: rolled with rice, tomato, parsley & onions ($1.25 each, or $5 for a plate)

Kibbeh with meat: ground beef & bulghur, stuffed with ground beef & pine nuts ($1.85 each, or $5.50 for a plate)

Vegetarian Kibheh: pumpkin & bulghur, stuffed with walnuts, onions & spices ($1.85 each, or $5.50 for a plate)

Fatayer: spinach pies ($1.50 each), meat or cheese pies ($2.25 each)

Sandwiches and platters


Falafel (sandwich $6.50, platter $9.50)

Beef Shawarma: marinated & roasted beef, served with tahini sauce, lettuce & tomato (sandwich $7.50, platter $10)

Chicken Shawarma: marinated chicken breast, served with garlic sauce, lettuce & tomato (sandwich $7.25, platter $10)

Kafta: grilled ground meat, with onions, parsley, herbs & spices, served with hummus, lettuce & tomato (sandwich $7.50, platter $10)

Veggie: zucchini, yellow squash, onions, mushrooms & carrots, served with hummus, lettuce & tomato (sandwich $7.25, platter $10)

All platters served with salad, and your choice of french fries, potatoes or rice.


Lebanese meat pizza ($6.95)

Lebanese cheese pizza ($6.95)

Falafel pizza: a layer of falafel between two pitas, topped with tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, onions, and tzatziki sauce ($6.95)

Spinach pizza: Spinach and cheese pizza baked on a pita ($6.99)

Veggie omelet pizza (6.99)

Daja M'Shab with chicken and cheese (8.25)

Vegetarian Salads


Fattoush: tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, radish, onions, parsley, toasted pita bread, with pomegranate dressing, (olive oil, vinegar and pomegranate juice) ($5.75)

Lebanese salad: tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, lettuce & parsley with lemon-garlic dressing ($5.50)

Tabouleh: parsley, mint, tomato, onion, bulghur, lemon juice & olive oil ($6.75)

House salad: lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, feta cheese with our house dressing ($5.95)

Yogurt salad: yogurt, diced cucumber, mint, garlic ($4.25)

M'Saka: eggplant & chickpeas baked with tomatoes, onions & garlic ($5.75)

Shakshouky: roasted eggplant, tomatoes, scallions, garlic, pomegranate, lemon juice, olive oil ($5.75)


Lentil Soup

Lentil soup ($4.75)

Chicken and vegetables soup ($5.50)

Sweet potato soup ($5.25)



Salmon: grilled salmon fillet, served with rice or bulghur & salad ($14.95)

Salmon with shrimp sauce: baked salmon fillet, with a sauce of sautéed shrimp, cilantro, parsley & onion, served with rice or bulghur & salad ($16.95)

Salmon with pesto: baked salmon fillet, with pesto sauce, served with rice and mixed greens salad ($15.25)

Fish Harra: baked fish fillet, with a spicy sauce of tomato, onion, cilantro, pine nuts, served with rice or bulghur & salad ($12.95)

Fried Fish: fried fish fillet served with mashed potatoes, string beans and mango salsa ($13.00)

Mouzat: braised lamb shank, over tomato sauce, served with rice & salad ($17.50)

Spicy grilled chicken served with rice & salad ($12.95)

Chicken salad: roasted chicken breast with feta, olives, over house salad ($8.99)

Grilled chicken breast served with lentil rice ($10.00)

Beef hamburger served with coleslaw and fries ($9.99)

Fatteh Bethengien: eggplant, chickpeas, layered with pita bread, warm yogurt sauce & pine nuts ($11.50)

Mezza Platters


Vegetarian Mediterranean: fattoush, shakshouky, hummus, spinach pie & grape leaf ($10.50)

Lebanese tradicional: tabouleh, baba ghannouge, hummus, kibbeh, grape leaf & falafel ($11.25)

Malak platter: 4 mezza items, plus chicken or beef shawarma ($11.50)

New Deal Special: beef or chicken shawarma, hummus, salad, rice or fries ($11.50)

Centerway Special: beef & chicken shawarma, salad, hummus, rice or fries ($12.25)

New Deal Sampling: 7 mezza items, mixed grill, and rice pudding ($34)

Vegetarian Lebanese Feast: 10 mezza items & vegetarian grill ($31)



Chicken ($12.50)

Lamb ($14.75)

Beef ($15.50)

Kafta ($11.95)

Kafta Harra (hot sauce) ($12.95)

Vegetarian ($11.50)

Mixed Grill ($13.95)

Shrimp ($15.00)

All kabobs served with tomato sauce, rice & salad.

Kids Menu

Chicken tenders, with fries or rice ($5)

Mac and cheese ($4.50)

Hot dog & fries ($4.99)

Grilled cheese with fries ($5)

Mini pizza ($5)

Each kids plate served with a drink.

Side Orders

Lentils and rice ($5.75)

French fries ($3.25)

Sweet potato fries ($3.25)


Creme brulée

Rice pudding ($3.75)

Creme de caramel ($4)

Creme brulée ($4)

Passion fruit mousse ($4)

Chocolate mousse ($4.50)

Caramel crunch cake ($4.75)

Chocolate cake ($4.75)

German chocolate cake ($5)

Orange cake ($4.50)

Apple pie ($5)

All menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.