Art on the Walls

The New Deal Cafe provides a venue for local artists to exhibit and sell their work. We have a showroom and glass display cases, and every other month new artwork is featured. Join us at a reception to meet the creative talent behind the next exhibit.

If you’re an artist, we’d love to talk to you about having a show at the cafe.

The cafe’s art exhibits are mounted by the New Deal Cafe Art Committee and sponsored by the Friends of New Deal Cafe Arts with support from Prince George’s County. Your tax-deductible donation to FONDCA supports art at the cafe.

December 2020 – March 2021


Stick Art by Paul Downs

December 7, 2020 – March 1, 2021

In celebration of 20 years of Stick Art at the New Deal Café, Paul Downs presents his latest show, “Bridges”.

Paul began showing art at the New Deal Café in December 2001 where he showcased for the first time his now well known wall hung stick sculptures.  His creations were received with love and enthusiasm.  The show was in the wake of the 9.11 tragedies and the community embraced his peaceful images which connect humans to nature in a unique way.

“Bridges” helps to connect us with joy and love and celebration.  The signature pieces of this show depict people venturing onto a bridge to meet, to find love, to dance, to celebrate or to passionately kiss.  Simple but powerful images that resonate deep within.

With a nod to the holidays look for symbols of the holiday in sticks, and a special treat of “Look Out Scrooge!” which just oozes of the goddess of Christmas future.

Of course, Paul continues to bring his audience the full scenes of nature he has also become known for.  You will find a diving falcon, soaring owls, peace among the pines, riding the moon, going down the river, pumpkin harvest and much more. If you are looking to find your inner smile come and see his newest version of stick dancers in various leaps, kicks, and shouts of joy.

Some of Paul’s popular classics of the past are also here: The Hovering Goddess, Falling Together, The Towers, Dove and more.


The reception will be held on Sunday, December 20 at 2pm via Zoom.  Please email the art coordinator at to get a zoom link. Stop in (to Zoom) and visit.

All art is on display at the New Deal Café. The Café is currently closed but the art is visibly engaging through the windows.

Exhibited Works

Contact the artist to purchase: 240-460-0814, 301-474-6708, or  .

Front Room Walls

Paul Downs, Canada Goose, 2020 – not for sale
Paul Downs, Going Down the River, 2020 – $275
Paul Downs, Hovering Goddess, 2020 – $250
Paul Downs, Mermaid, 2020 – $350
Paul Downs, Teatime in the Teepee, 2020 – $300
Paul Downs, Riding the Moon, 2020 – $100
Paul Downs, Falling Together, 2020 – $480
Paul Downs, Woman at Potter’s Wheel, 2020 – $325
Paul Downs, Pumpkin Harvest, 2020 – $200

Framing of Cabin on Lake (not pictured) – Not for Sale

Paul Downs, Loon on the Lake, 2020 – $500
Paul Downs, Diving Falcon, 2020 – $300

Front Room Window

Towers (not pictured) – $1100 each
Large Cabin (not pictured) – $150
Medium Cabin (not pictured) – $100
Small Cabin (not pictured) – $55

Paul Downs, Dove, 2020 – $85
Paul Downs, Celebrating on the Bridge, 2020 – $150
Paul Downs, Look Out Scrooge, 2020 – $200

Back Room Windows

Paul Downs, Candles, 2020 – $100
Paul Downs, Peace in the Pines, 2020 – $200 – SOLD
Paul Downs, Kiss, 2020 – $225
Paul Downs, Heart, 2020 – $150
Paul Downs, Dancing on the Bridge, 2020 – $225 – sold
Paul Downs, Cross, 2020 – $50
Paul Downs, Star, 2020 – $50
Paul Downs, Kwan Yenn, 2020 – $500
Paul Downs, Meet Me in the Middle, 2020 – $200
Paul Downs, Dancer, 2020 – $45
Paul Downs, Dancer, 2020 – $45
Paul Downs, Dancer, 2020 – $45
Paul Downs, Dancer, 2020 – $45
Paul Downs, Dancer, 2020 – $45
Paul Downs, Dancer, 2020 – $45
Paul Downs, Dancer, 2020 – $45
Paul Downs, Fox, 2020 – $600
Paul Downs, Spirit Owl, 2020 – $600

Back Room Wall

Paul Downs, Owl in Flight, 2020 – $200
Paul Downs, Tall Pine, 2020 – not for sale
Paul Downs, Framing of Diana, 2020 – not for sale
Paul Downs, Augusta, 2020 – not for sale
Paul Downs, Longwinged Owl, 2020 – $500

Paul Downs, She Holds the Light, 2020 – $400